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Offline Camera Alert

Can we please have a feature that alerts us when a camera (Arlo Pro) goes offline please. Often I don’t know it requires a restart and it has been offline for days before I notice. Thanks this would be a massive help given it tends to be my main camera that requires this feature.

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Offline Camera Alert

I have been trouble shooting this with Arlo support for weeks. Both my bases were replaced by Arlo, no change. I have Dlink smart switches (Dsp w110). They have exhibited the same offline characteristics. Dlink has not been successful in ID-ing the common problem either. I need these for security as I am remote and on a satellite internet (Xplornet). To simplify the variables to manage I updated my router to a Netgear AC2300 (R7000P), my power line extenders to my garage with Netgear PLW101v2 (for HD base station) and removed all other vendors routers and extenders (one vendor no finger pointing). (Note rebooting my router remotely seems to place the base station back online). Base stations continue to work offline sending alerts and recordings as per normal. App, WEB and Arlo support all show them offline. My cheap IP cameras continue to work uninterrupted. I have set the Arlo via the router to fixed IP addresses, Highest priority for available bandwidth (VIA QOS), removed 20/40 MHz coexistence (I have no neighbors) and dropped all 2.4 MHz WFI repeaters (numerous suggestions of 2.4 interference). Relocated bases 6 feet from router WFI (that did nothing on its own). That is the background.

Products appear more stable (one Dsp w110 continues to fail, I think it is bad). Since rebooting (power off and on) the devices always bring them back online to everyone. Here is my suggestion to Arlo. Until you have a real fix install a heartbeat function in base that if not acknowledged automatically reboots bases (soft reboot) in 10-minute intervals. This will assure the operation and give us access to systems to disarm etc. as needed. Perhaps you can include the transmit of a system dump which is lost when the base is power rebooted. As a general comment I have a friend with a system on satellite as well. He no longer is aware of a problem since Xplornet made a change, however his set  up is less complex. Do not know yet what that was but suspect it relates to high latency and low upload speeds (he has more). Arlo assures me they have many satellite customer’s working fine. We tried a fixed IP for server and were unsuccessful, it may help. The suggested notification below would be helpful.

Hope this helps. Any ideas on how to improve please reply accordingly. Any questions I will try to answer.





Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station, VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Offline Camera Alert

The fact that the cameras are recording and sending notifications makes the issue a display one. The system is obviously not offline given the recordings and notifications.  What app, device and OS are you using? Have you also tried a browser? SInce recordings are getting out (uploaded) I wonder if it's something about the download connection from the server to your base. Not having satellite means I'm guessing at everything here.

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Re: Offline camera alert

Thanks for the suggestions!


I should be clear that it is not the base going offline - there is one particular camera that goes off while the others are still working.  Once I reset it, then it is fine again (until next time).

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Re: Offline camera alert

Arlo tech support is unable to see the system. Shows as offline to them as well. Android app and browser are all showing offline. Power restart reestablishes the connections. Restarting the router remotely has also worked. That is why I suggested the heartbeat fuction to force a reconnect and capture system dump data. I have only had a single camera disconnect following a change of settings on camera. Powered it off and on came right back. 

Tech support has spent hours on the phone trying to resolve.

Real solution likely needs netgear, xplornet and Arlo netgear together on phone. I am awaiting escalation to call back.

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