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Notifications when phone on vibrate only mode

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I like to keep my phone on silent (vibrate only mode) day and night. During the day when Arlo detects movement I generally see the notifications. But at night, while I am sleeping, I do not hear the short buzz from the notification. Especially at night, when I don't want to be bothered by emails, I do however want Arlo to wake me up if someone is lurking around my house. As a result I had to setup IFTTT to call me when Arlo Pro detects motion. The long buzzing noise from a phone call does a good job at waking me up.


I would like to suggest to Netgear though to please add further notification options within the Arlo Pro App. Perhaps an option to allow for sound coming from Arlo notifications even if the phone is set to vibrate only mode. In assocation with that perhaps even include the option to chose between what times of the day the Arlo App is allowed to override the vibrate only mode to make acoustic notifications. Or if acoustic notifications in vibrate only mode are not possible, at least allow for long vibrating patterns that would wake someone up at night.


Otherwise I love the product. Batteries are holding up great and the wifi signal around the house is good. I'd like to be able to change the sensitivity of the camera in detecting motion, and the notifications are a bit of an issue, otherwise so far so good.

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Great idea! There are other discussions on this topic in the Arlo Idea Exchange. I encourage you to visit these discussions and offer your support by adding kudos.