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Not all cameras show up in list when making new rule.

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I'm trying to create a custom mode where 1 camera triggers multiple cameras to record.  I understand how to make seperate rules, where Cam 1 detects and Cam 1 records, then Cam 1 detects and Cam 2 records, then Cam 1 detects and Cam 3 records.  However, when the rule, Cam 2 doesn't show up in the action list to allow me to select.  Cam 2 is shows up in the device list and I can see live video, etc.


After this I tried to setup a rule where Cam 2 detects and Cam 2 records.  However, Cam 2 doesn't show up in the action list, so I cannot even program this camera to records itself when it detects motion.  This has been extremely frustrating!


My Arlo lights have the ability to program all of this in 1 rule, where Light 1 detects and in the same rule I can have it turn on Light 1, Light 2 and Light 3.  I thought the cameras rules previoiusly had the ability to have 1 trigger device and multiple action devices, and I thought that is how I had it setup.  When I checked recently this was not the case, but am not sure if I was remembering correctly or not.  Why would the light rules have the ability to do this and not the camera rules?



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Start by rebooting the base - maybe it got weird. It may also be useful to remove Cam2 and resync it.