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I have recently bought a house with 2 Arlo Pro cameras installed and am trying to get the system to work. After registering at Arlo, taking the cameras down, I have followed the instructions to set up the Base. Station but when we get to the detect Arlo devices stage I get none found. I have a Netgear Cable Modem which is then attached to my 1st Google Mesh point as the Router. The router is plugged into a 8 switch which has various other devices (all working) plugged into it. I have plugged the Arlo base into this switch, the power and internet lights are both green and I can see the VBM4000 as a device on my Google WiFi app. I have reset, switched off, tried different sequence of plugging in all to no avail. Does the fact that it was previously owned make a difference or am I doing something else incorrectly?

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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No Arlo Devices Found

@jguerdat might know if you need the previous owner to remove the base from their account and/or Arlo Support to free up the base to be added to your new account

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No Arlo Devices Found

Who, me?


The previous owner must remove all devices from their account in Settings, My Devices so you can take control. If that's not possible, support here may be able to help ot you could purchase a base station by itself and use that instead of the old one.

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