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Netgear Are Con Artists Watch Your CC Statements!

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Jgutta420 Aspirant

So netgear has VERY unscrupulous business practices. I plan on selling my system and cutting ties IMMEDIATELY! What's the issue you wonder...they hold your cc hostage and randomly charge it.

So I signed up 29 days ago for the free trial of arlo smart. I put my cc info and was charged $1. Ok, pretty standard practice for companies and signing up for a free trial. Here's where it gets interesting...about 2 weeks ago they charged me $1 again. Then when I went to cancel my free trial today, they charge me $1 again....???

Yes I understand it's a "falloff" charge but that's not the point. At first, yes I get it. To verify my CC is real. After that why? I get alerts EVERYTIME my cc is used so I know thank God. So I go to remove my cc under settings...what do ya know. Can't. So I call em up and a woman with the most broken English I have ever heard can't tell me why. All she kept saying were, they are fall off charged. Yea, no ****lady but why was I charged in the first place other than the original $1? "They will fall of in 1 to 2 days" this point I was getting more and more frustrated. I told her to remove me credit card. She said it is not possible, once you add it, it's there! Ummmmmm...WHAT! Never in my life have I heard of that. I'm sure companies like that exist but I've NEVER dealt with one and I wouldn't either. I have NEVER dealt with a company who holds your cc number hostage like this. Literally every company I do business with allows you to delete your info. That in itself sounds shady as *****.

I already see they make unauthorized charges so WHY would I want my cc info lingering around on there? Couldn't explain to me why I was charged in the middle of my trial and again today when going back to the basic plan. Even though it clearly said no charge. Only thing you can say is it's a falloff charge?!

Done. Cancelling my account. Blocking all purchases from them through my cc company. Selling all these battery sucking cameras. Will be reporting to the BBB. My advice, watch your cc statements carefully.

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Master steve_t Master

What number did you call where there was a broken English speaking woman? Did you demand Netgear refund you that $3?

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera