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Multiple schedules at same time?

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Hi there...I have three cameras set up with the front door and driveway to effectively remain motion detecting 24x7. I have another over a back door that I'd like to have disabled during daylight hours because we let the dogs out regularly and it seems silly to keep getting alerts and camera on time when not necessary.

Is there a way to have different cameras with different actions in a day?
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Yes, that's what modes and rules are all about. You can only have one mode at a time but you can create multiple modes with rules for only those cameras you want at any particular time. Any camera without a rul in that mode is disarmed.


There are FAQs here with full details but quickly, use the Mode tab, click on your base and create a custom mode. In it have only the front door and driveway cameras in it. You can use the Armed mode for when you want all cameras active but I'd suggest creating your own custom mode for full control. When satisfied with your settings in your modes, schedule them. 12AM to 6AM for all cameras, 6AM to 10PM for just the front cameras and 10PM to 11:59PM for the all camera mode again, changing the times as required.