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I'm new to the community, this is my first delve into the security camera realm.


I have a rather stupid question hopefully someone has experienced the same issue.

I have the Arlo Pro with 3 cameras, one outside, two inside.

The two inside trigger everytime someone walks through the frame, the outside one doesn't trigger untill you are about 10 feet away.

I've got the sensitivity set on the inside cameras to 60 and the outside one set to 100.

Right now the outside camera is pointing straight out from the power pole, I will not be able to mount the tripod untill this weekend and aim it down a bit.

I'll include a pic, it was taken today. 

I live in a gated house and you can see in the picture the gate is open and the landlords car is on the veranda.

The landlord comes and takes care of the garden, I just happended to check my phone while at lunch and saw his car and heard him raking in the garden below the camera.

So, long story short...

No triggers when the gate opened, no trigger when the car drive onto the veranda, and no trigger when the landlord walked under the camera to get to the garden.


Is the sensitivity issue because the camera is lookin above all the movement or do I have a bad camera?

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The big issues are that movement is directly at the camera as well as too much view. People detection max's out at about 25 feet when movement is side to side like any other PIR detection device (think outdoor motion detection lights). You really don't need to see airplanes but you do want to see people near the house. I would reposition the camera on the balconey wall, perhaps near the closer of the two lights/downspouts/whatever that stick out near the bottom of the wall. That should give you a view of the gate, veranda and much of the approach to the windows and doors. Depending on what you need to cover, a second camera might be useful, perhaps on the power pole currently in use. You can then build rules that use a trigger from one to record on the other and vice versa for maxc coverage and recording.