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When i go to MODES i dont see any cameras listed, instead i just see this below:







It's currently set on ARMED, then when i click ARMED i see my different cameras.  I like most of my cameras in the ARMED mode but 1 of them i would like to be set on a SCHEDULE mode.  If i click SCHEDULE it seems to make all my cameras go into SCHEDULE mode, how do i accomplish only adding 1 of my 6 cameras to SCHEDULE mode and leaving the rest in ARMED mode?

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Have a read through the user manual


You will need to create a new custom MODE and in that mode have RULES to your wants

Let's say 5 cameras are to operate just how they are in ARMED.

Create your custom mode. Let's call it CUSTOM and create the rules for the mode

That would be Camera 1 to record when motion is detected on camera 1

Camera 2 to record when motion is detected on camera 2

Camera 3 to record when motion is detected on camera 3

Camera 4 to record when motion is detected on camera 4

Camera 5 to record when motion is detected on camera 5
Camera 6 is not to do anything because it's inside when there's people inside?? By not creating a rule for camera 6, it will do nothing while this mode  is active

Then when you edit the schedule, you might have CUSTOM running from midnight til 7am, ARMED running from 7am - 6pm, and CUSTOM again from 6pm til midnight. 

The only difference here would be that during the 7am-6pm times, camera 6 will be working too.

Don't forget to adjust motion sensitivities in the rules for each camera. Don't forget to adjust the recording time for each camera. When you edit things, don't forget to SAVE

Hope that helps