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Lost Connection To All Cameras When Far Away

Just purchased an ARLO Pro system. Base station along with 4 cameras.
Connected Ethernet cable from base station to an AT&T router.
All works as it should when I am home using either a computer
or phone (SAMSUNG Galaxy J7 Refine). When I venture out (say a few miles/yards) I no longer
am able to monitor my home. My guess is that my phone cannot
pick up the signal from the base station. This makes sense in a way.
Bottom line: I would like to see what is going on when miles away
but cannot. I must be missing something but not sure what. It is when I am
away from home is when I want to check in on things. Is there something
I need to configure so I can see what is going on when miles away?  
Thanks for any help.

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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Lost Connection To All Cameras When Far Away

Your phone does not connect to or pick up a signal from the arlo base station in any way shape or form. Your phone simply needs an internet connection, either mobile data or wifi. If your phone is connected to wifi and you leave your wifi's range you'll have no internet and won't be able to see anything. You have to use mobile data when away from wifi.


As long as you have an internet connection on your phone and the arlo app installed you can view your cameras anywhere in the world.

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Lost Connection To All Cameras When Far Away

I have some dead areas when leaving my house. My carrier signal is weak at my house (I use a micro tower for 4G in my house because of this). When I venture forth, I lose my wifi and I do not have carrier data for several hundred yards. Then I am fine as I get into a stronger carrier signal. You can see your cameras from Oslo or Taipei, with roaming data on or connected to someone's wifi.

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Re: Lost Connection To All Cameras When Far Away

Phone is a SAMSUNG Galaxy J7 Refine.


Settings >  Mobile networks > Network mode > from automatic to LTE/CDMA

Changing to LTE/CDMA did not solve the problem.


This did:  Settings > Apps > Arlo > Permissions > camera (OFF to ON)

Now able to connect via internet when far away.




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