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Length of video not long enough

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I have had the cameras for about a year and it seems like they never rocord long enough.   They will start rocording when there is motion and a lot of times they stop recording after 30-40 seconds when there is still motion going on.   I have went in and set my length to record to up to 90 seconds and saved that,  now its works sometimes.   about half of my recordings will go for exacally 90 seconds but other times it might only go for 20-30 seconds.   Any ideas?   Thanks.   

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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That sounds like there's either a signal issue between the base and camera or your upload speed is low.


For the signal, what does the signal strength display for the cameras show? There's also the possibility of 2.4GHz interference from other devices near the base or cameras that could be interrupting the signal. This can be cordless phones or anything else that uses the highly saturated 2.4GHz band.  DIstance between the base and camera as well as blockages (walls, mirrors, ductwork, house contrtuction) in a straight line between the base and camera leads to weak signals. In any event, any of this can disrupt the stream and terminate the video. If any cameras work properly, swap the around to see if it's the camera or location that works properly. You can also bring the camera closer to the base to test and see if that has the same issue.


For the upload speed, use to check your actual speeds and post the result here.