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I Can See My Arlo Views On Screen But How Do I Get Arlo Bird Icon On Chrome Home Screen

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SSUWI Follower

I want bird icon on my chrome screen,,  so can see my camera  pictures from icon click


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Guru jguerdat Guru

If I understand properly, use the Chrome menu (3 vertical dots on the right of the URL bar), select More Tools, Create Shortcut.

JoeCymru Virtuoso

I am assuming you are talking about desktop / laptop and getting to the web UI. A better way in my opinion, if you are running Windows, is to add the shortcut to your task bar or start menu.

Open Google and go to the Arlo website. Then in the Chrome menu go to More Tools>Create Shortcut. This will put the icon on your desktop. Then right clicking the icon you can choose to pin this shortcut also to either your taskbar or start menu (I have mine on the taskbar). Then you do not need to open Chrome, just click on the taskbar icon and go to the UI.