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How long to record/upload a clip if stolen?

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In the event someone walks up and steals the Arlo Pro from the magnetic mount and runs off, will any recording still be uploaded to the cloud or connected hard drive? It takes a few seconds to walk up the stairs to the camera, so the Arlo will have a few seconds to react and start recording, but does it start recording to a file real-time, or does it have to finish the pre-defined length of recording before it starts uploading to the cloud/drive? I'm assuming it's the latter, in which case it will probably not have enough time to upload a thief?


How concerned should I be of people walking up and stealing it from the magnetic mount in a quiet neighborbood but with a growing theft rate?

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Testing has shown that the camera will start recording and upload immediately (no buffering) until the camera is disabled or taken out of range.  You have a good chance of seeing who took the camera.


If concerned that the mount makes the camera vulnerable, you can use almost any camera mount with a 1/4"-20 thread.  Amazon has lots of them to choose from.