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Hacked Arlo?

Hello all,  This is my first post and was hoping to see if anyone encountered a similar issue I just encountered on Jan 3, 2019 and get some thoughts.


I had a boat and trailer stolen in front of my driveway and Arlo did not detect any motion of the thieves 1) removing locks, 2) removing the wooden stand where I hold the tip of the trailer, 3) pulling the trailer out of my driveway.  The only thing Arlo picked up was the time that the suspicious individual walked towards my boat/trailer at 4:30am.  At 7am, it picked up another motion when my friend walked by (by this time, the boat was gone).  So between 4:30am and 7am, there was no other motion detected by Arlo.  This has me puzzled as it should have captured several motion during the time my boat was being taken.  I tried to simulate it later that day and it detects motion the same place where my boat and trailer was so I suspect the thieves were able to jam or disable my arlo some how or the other reason might be my Arlo failed badly at the right time I needed it to work.  


I have an Arlo Pro wireless camera

firmware =

hardward version = H8


I could have positioned the camera better but as it stands, it captures motion no problem except during the time of theft.   I reported to police and they told me to get a continous recording camera instead of a motion detecting one =(  I will look into some of these other options but frustrating on why it didnt detect or what the theives did to disarm Arlo.  Is there any diagnostics or logs that exist on the base unit or arlo camera that i could review for tampering or jamming somehow?    


Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Hacked Arlo?

 Is there any diagnostics or logs that exist on the base unit or arlo camera that i could review for tampering or jamming somehow?    


Not for end users...tho at the far side at Arlo they may be able to tell if the system was down.  If you go this way, do not reboot the base just in case

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Re: Hacked Arlo?

Thanks TomMac.  


Could some form of light disarm Arlo? Also, since my unit is wireless, I wonder if possible if theives were able to jam the wireless signal some how from Arlo camera to the base?


Are there other folks out there that have had Arlo not pick up motion when it should have? 

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Re: Hacked Arlo?

Light wouldn't do anything. Crafty thieves could use a strong WiFi jammer but that seems unlikely for most home thefts. The issue is probably the exact motion of the thieves including how fast they moved - slow movements would be harder to detect. ALso, the location of the people would add in - if they were typically on the far side of the object, the IR signal from them would be much reduced. Remember that people detection only goes about 25 feet in good conditions and would need the whole body to be seen to be useful, even with sensitivity set to 100%.

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Re: Hacked Arlo?

It wouldn't surprise me if the firmware upgrades over the last year have done something to make the Arlo Pro less responsive. First it was the battery drain, now it's a lack of movement captures.. I used to be caught on my cameras every time I walked in my garden, now I have to be within 5 feet range to be seen. It all started with their push for Arlo Premiere, now there's the Arlo Pro 2 and Ultra, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if it was somehow related.
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