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Getting double app notification from Arlo Legacy and new Arlo app. Motion not working properly.

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What’s going on with the double app notification from Arlo legacy and Arlo app.
It seen that the legacy app it’s more accurate on notifications and when there is motion .. but now the system it’s confused?
The new Arlo app at times I don’t get the notifications if there is motion on any of the 5 cameras i have.
Motion why are the cameras don’t respond to motion quick ? Look attachment of what I get after walking out of a room to a hallway.
Me walking out of my room
I’m just walking away and you can’t tell who it is or what it is.

I can’t upload footage. Ugh

I get this message

Correct the highlighted errors and try again.
The file does not have a valid extension for an attachment and has been removed. jpg,gif,png,pdf are the valid extensions.

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Hi Lbritola,


If you have the Arlo Legacy app and new Arlo app running at the same time, you may receive double push notifications. We highly suggest to uninstall/remove the Arlo Legacy app to avoid double push notifications. Once you delete the Arlo Legacy app, try to reboot your phone and see if you receive any motion notifications from the new Arlo app.


You can also try optimizing motion detection to see if that can help, which you can refer to here: How do I optimize motion detection for my Arlo camera?