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Flase Triggers when opening iOS app

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Steve2233 Aspirant

I have two Arlow systems at two different properties linkind into the IOS App. One systsem uses the old Aro camers (5 cameras) and the other uses the Arlo pro cameras (6 cameras) - i have an Elite subscription.

Whenever I open the IOS APP, this triggers a recording on one of the (5) cameras in my old Arlo system, its random can be any camera on the system but happens every time I open the APP. Never from a cmaera on the Arlo pro system, only the older system. All firmware for the controllers and cameras is up to date.

I searched the community and there is a thread on this subject which is shows as "solved" - the solution aparenlty being a hardware fault in a camera. really ?

Well, this has just started for me, everything was working perfectly, and then I started to get this false trigger problem. looks like its a software issue to me, not camera hardware defects.

How do you identify which camera is causing this defect? i get these random recordings from all the cameras on my old system, could they all have just broken, with the same fault and the same moment in time, seems a little unlikely.

Anyone else having this same problem ?

Guru TomMac Guru

It has happen before , I was never able to track down the reason for me and then it went away on it's own.


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Ysabel Luminary

The only way you can identify what camera is not detecting motion is if you manually trigger motion in front of each cameras. Maybe your cameras no longer have the correct rule that's why they are  no longer detecting motion and recording.



JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



Consider rebooting your base station (for the original Arlo system). Do you still experience this behavior?