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Feature request: "pre event" video capture

I just got my Arlo devices setup and so far, I'm quite pleased. One feature I feel is missing that I'd like to see is a "pre event" video capture capability. I have a competitive product that when a motion event is detected, it actually retains ~5 seconds of the buffered video *prior* to when the event was detected. The benefit is that you can see the object which initialed the (in example) motion event to be seen entering the scene as opposed to video that starts with the object already in scene.

Thanks for the consideration!
Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Feature request: "pre event" video capture

I'd wager the other product isn't battery operated. The plug-in Arlo Q provides this since it's always on. A battery operated camera would quickly deplete it's batteries if always on.

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Re: Feature request: "pre event" video capture

Yup, great point. You're absolutely right. Bygones...
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