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Encyrption-Arlo Pro HD

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My neighbor has told me he can see my camera's and can sign into my system.  He says the cameras are interfering with his home phone.  He works with computers and advised me I need to encrypt my cameras.  From what I have read they are encrypted.  I have a username and password and have not given it to him.

Guru Guru

Unless you have given him the email/paswword, I think he may be not telling you the whole truth. Have him prove it.

Tho he may see the signal from the base / cams, the bases do not have access and the cameras talk only to the bases.


As to interference to his phone, the cameras and base operate on a normal 2.4ghz wifi system... so his interfernce could be from any regular wifi router.


but, I would change your PW to a strong one ( caps, spec charactors, numbers ) just in case

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Your Arlo base frequency is following your router 2.4 GHz frequency. If the cameras were interfering then your router would also be interfering. Most home phones have automatic channel switching which works to avoid this. Also unless you have a fixed a channel on your router, they too have automatic frequency shifting to help avoid strong interference. The Arlo base itself is secured and does not allow normal access. The only way your neighbor could log in is either you have explicitly invited him through either the app or Web UI, and given specific permissions to him, or he has hacked your router and somehow has gotten your user name and password. I agree, ask him to show proof. If there is just interference, he should know all this and what to do to eliminate the problem. If you download WiFi analyzer, you can graphically see all wifi signals close in and can determine what is actually overlapping and interfering.