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Change subscription email address

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I tried to change my subscription email address today via the option that exists on the web portal. It let me go through and change the address and then advised:

You will need to verify your new email address and login again to access your account.

I waited for an email verification to arrive at that new address - but nothing arrived. I tried to change the email address again but it said that the "New email already exists please try another email". So I logged out and tried to login with the new email address but this failed.

I then contacted support who advised that the email address on a subscription cannot be changed and that I would need to cancel the subscription and setup a new subscription with the new email address.


This means I would need to setup all of my cameras and rules again!

This is basic stuff Arlo to allow changes to email addresses. And you provide the option to do it and make it look like the change was successful.

If anyone else has experienced this and overcome it I would be very grateful to know. 


Work changed my email address which my Arlo account was linked to. When I tried to change email address to match the new email address, it simply could not get me (send) the verification email to my new EA. Now I can't even access it with old EA, as I changed it in that account but cant access new EA, as it can't send the verification email to new. Now, I basically have several very expensive paperweights.


Same thing with me. I am beguiled by the fact, they can't override or change my email address/username so I can access my cameras.