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Camera went offline and does not charge

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joebar00 Follower
I have been using this security system for a couple of months, and everything worked fine...
round 3 days ago, one of the 3 cameras i have, went offline, at first i figure, that something was wrong with my internet or something, but, today i decided to change the position, changed the battery for a 4th one that came with the kit i bought, and it did not work...
i removed it form my devices and tried to add it again.. i wasnt able...
I reconnected the camera to power, as charging the battery mode, and until then, i saw the blue blinking led... and i managed to add the device again...
apparently, something is not right with the cameras battery connections.
As a Test, i unplugged it again, and the camera did not work, with neither of the batteries that i have...
I took off the battery and plugged it again directly, and it worked again....

Please, any suggestions? how can i fix this?
Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Guru jguerdat Guru

Open a case with support.  Hardware problems must go that route.