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Camera not detecting dog movement at noght

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I have searched for an answer to my question but finding nothing. Maybe I am asking incorrectly.  My family room camera does not detect my dogs walking across the floor and the camera is within 15 feet of where they walk.  I have adjusted the motion sensitivity and that hasn't helped.  One of them walked by the camera and I watched but the camera didn't record it.  Any suggestions?

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The Arlos have about a max range of 20ft , the Pros are a little better... this is for people. Also they use PIR which detect IR form the object.

It may have to do with

1) with the size of the dog

2) where / how they are walking  as to distance and as to background ir levels l

3) may even be if dog is very insulated like a husky


First if you have another camera that works well, swap them and see if the other camera functions differently.


Second, if so... take the camera and set the sense leve to 90%... Then bring it down to their level  first by placing on table, etc... See if the camera functions the way you want. Then start to increase range and see how it responds.

A bit of trial and error, and you should be able to zero the camera in fine.



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