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Billing Issue Unresolved after months and months

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EdWyrick Aspirant

I tried Arlo Smart and was unimpressed, so I canceled. However, I kept being billed the $2.99. I submitted a ticket and asked to have my credit card info removed. I also submitted a dispute to my CC company which resulted in it refusing to honor any more charges from Netgear. (That was after I submitted several recorded phone calls with Netgear CS along with email messages, all supporting my case.) Eventually,  my credit card information was removed.  However, each month I receive a notice saying that my credit card will be charged for Arlo Smart. Then, I get a notice saying the bill was processed, but no payment was made because there is no CC info in my account. Many calls to CS and submitted tickets will not stop the monthly billing notice. CS and responses to submitted tickets say to cancel Arlo Smart and return to basic subscription. Time and again I have submitted screen shots of my account saying  it is a basic account.  (Included here, as well.) Still I keep getting these notices. My fear is that eventually Negear will send me to collections. Can someone please resolve this issue so that Netgear will quit notifying me of a payment due?????????

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EdWyrick Aspirant

Oh, and here is the email I receive each month.

JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @EdWyrick,


I will send you a private message to gather information from you.

EdWyrick Aspirant

Update - the Arlo rep in this forum, JessicaP, has tried to help, but so far I've just had a repeat of what has happened for months from customer service. Customer service reps tell me to cancel Smart Arlo from my end. I cannot do that because on my end it shows I am in the basic plan (free) and the ONLY OPTION is to upgrade. Yesterday, once again, the customer service rep said I was being escalated to someone who can show me how to cancel from my end. We have been through this several times. I NEVER HEAR from whomever it was escalated to. Meanwhile, a couple of days ago, I received another notice that my credit card will be charged. I am not charged because I did succeed in having my CC info removed. In any event, after sending screenshots and recordings of my conversations with Netgear customer service representatives, my bank has set my account to decline all charges from Netgear. But, I am worried that some day Netgear will send my account to collections. Other than the rep who responded to this post, all other Netgear interaction has shown the highest level of incompetence and lack of caring. Again, the rep who responded in this forum (JessicaP) has been great as she has continually responded and tried to help.