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Batteries drain rapidly on Arlo Pro

My batteries are draining rapidly. Arlo suggested updating the camera and that still doesn't work. I placed new Panasonic batteries in the camera and after 2 hours its already at 93%. I noticed its recording up to 2 minutes every time it detects motion. Please help!

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Batteries drain rapidly on Arlo Pro

Edit your rule for that camera in your recording mode to reduce the time it records for per activation. It's a parameter that someone has set somewhere along the way. 30-40 seconds is typically enough and the camera will finish recording and will start again after a delay if there's still motion going on in front of it

Because you're inserting Panasonic batteries in your camera, I expect you have an Arlo wirefree HD, not an Arlo Pro as what is suggested by the section you have made this post in

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Re: Batteries drain rapidly on Arlo Pro

ALso, spec battery life is for <5 minutes per day of recording and live viewing. 2 minute recordings easily achieve and exceed this so backing down your recording time and eliminating false triggers will help. Don't go for a large view that causes the triggers - just focus on the area of real interest. Post screenshots for suggestions.

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