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Batteries are depleting approximately 8-12% per day with 8 hours of "on" time

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Installed system a little over two weeks ago. Batteries are depleting approximately 8-12% per day with 8 hours of "on" time. Cameras are installed in a 15 X 30, wide-open room with no wall interference and a line-of-site to the base station. Never experienced a communication loss to base. Called Customer service due to rapid battery depletion. Managed to wend my way through useless and intentionally vague voice prompt system. Finally somehow got to a point where I could choose "Arlo Support." After 45 minutes on hold, reached a person. Explained issue and was told that they had to transfer me to "Arlo Support" depsite the fact that I already chose that option. Another 45 minutes on hold. Person finally answered. Precisely after they verified my phone number "in case we get disconnected," I got disconnected. Called again. was number 32 in queue. While waiting over an hour, I went online and tried to "chat." Chat was very frustrating because Carl L. was obviously dealing with numerous customers simultaneously. Was told to remove cameras from system, charge the batteries and reinstall onto system. How does this prove what is defective, camera or battery? Already explained no interference issues with communication. Of course you can only charge one proprietary battery at a time becuase you have to leave battery in camera and you only have one charger. After repeated requests to speak with a supervisor upon indicating that I was disconnected and now on hold for over 2-1/2 hours, Carl L. agreed to call me 2 hours later. I appreciate her effort in that respect. Spent an hour with Carl L. who turns out to be female. She repeatedly had to consult with supervisor who are all apparently too busy to speak with customer. This became a circular conversation with no adequate resolution in sight. They finally offered to send me a replacement camera, could not ascertain how long that would take and ultimately offered to send via UPS ground if I paid for it. I have less than 10 days to return this product to Amazon for a refund if dissatisfied and given the frustraiton of my interaction with Customer Service, I am not left feeling all warm and fuzzy. I have no guarantee that the replacement camera with an unspecified delivery date would resolve the issue and I have a second camera that is chewing up the battery. Why not resolve both issues at the same time vs. one camera at a time? I did purchase an add-on camera that used less than 4% of battery in over a week. One out of three devices that function as advertised is not the results I was hoping for. Now, I am out almost $500. I can return base station and two cameras and recover $350 but then I am left with $150 add-on camera that is uselss without the base station.  Very disappointing experience and my impression was that this is purposely designed to frustrate consumer in hopes they will simply give up. Too bad because th cameras have an excellent picture quality and could have been useful for the purpose intended. This has been the most frustrating customer service experience in my life. Stand behind your product when you are cognizant by the numerous complaints that a problem exists instead of giving the customer a run-around. Buyer beware.

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera

It seems you are running about a 25% duty cycle on that camera.  That seems high for a battery operated device.  Maybe you can reduce that.   Use motion detection or something.  


If it's definitely low life compared to another cam with the same useage, it might be a weak (defective ) battery.

Sometimes lithium batteries get contaminants when made, and that reduces their capacity.


Maybe try another battery or swap it out from another cam before scrapping the whole system.  Possibly get a replacement under warranty.