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BaseB Station Not connecting to the Internet

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Concher Follower
Base Station not connecting to the Internet. This is a new unit just out of the box. I have followed the instructions on hookup. I also re-booted my modem. No luck. I downloaded the App but it does not see the Base Station. I get a green lite for power and an amber lite for the camera icon. What is the problem. I have frontier as my provider. Concher
brh Master


There are several things that can cause thes problems. You might have a firewall that is blocking the system, or you may need to contact your ISP to be sure that ports 80 and 443 are not being blocked on their end. There are also cases where an ethernet cable was bad out of the box. Change it to another one just to see if that fixes the problem.



pc2k17 Hero

Is the base station plugged into a modem/router combo device or do you have a separate modem and separate router setup?


What color is the internet light on the base (the middle light)?

JamesC Community Manager
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An amber camera LED indicates the base station needs to be claimed. As mentioned by pc2k17 above, what is the status of the internet LED?


If you have a green internet LED and an amber camera LED, this means at some point you may have performed a factory reset on your base station and you will need to reclaim the base on your Arlo account to restore functionality.


To do this, log in to your Arlo account and navigate to Settings > My Devices, select your base station and click "Remove Device"


After it's been removed, navigate back to the Devices page and click "Add Device", select base station and follow the on screen instructions.