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Base Station stopped working after years of working fine

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angycustomer Aspirant

Two days ago my Base Station stopped working after years of working fine. I tried to use the online support that Arlo provides, but I was never able to get connected sith support staf via Chat - it just tald me it would connect me and never connected me. 


When I called support, the support engineer really didn't listen to me, and wanted me to try several troubleshooting steps that I already had tried - he wouldn't listen to me. After 7-minutes, and being told to try things like resetting the Base Station from the phone app (remember - my issue is that the Base Station won't power on), I was frustrated and told the staffer that I would call back to talk to someone else who would listen to me. 

The second call went a lot like the first one, but was a little better. Again, after 7-minutes I was being asked to troubleshoot the device even thoguh I had informed the suopport staff of all the troubleshooting I had done. I told him that what I needed was to find out if I could get the defective device replaced of if I have to go buy a new one. 

In the end I was told that the Base Station was out of warranty and that there was nothign they could do. 

Sadly, the Base Station is probably the lowest valeu device to Arlo from me as a customer. They sell me more cameras than they do Base Stations. Now that the whol system doesn't work, I will reevaluate if ARLO is still right for me. I also use RING and NEST products - I will likely just switch to RING to have everything in one app. 

I have been a long time ARLO customer, and what would be considered a NET PROMOTER - I have referred lots of people to ARLO and may of my friends have purchased ARLO products on my recommendation. After this experience, I don't feel like ARLO cares very much about their customers - they sell devices and move on. THat is too bad because I think they have good technology, but I prefer to do business with companies that are customer-centric. 

Good bye ARLO.

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager

What are you experiencing that indicates the base station is no longer working?


What is the LED behavior?



angycustomer Aspirant
The indication that it is not working is that it won’t power on.. No LEDs light up and the Base Station is offline. It won’t power on, so it is not working.
Guru jguerdat Guru

If no LEDs on the base light it's either the base or the power supply. Swap at the store if new enough or open a case with support:

angycustomer Aspirant

@jguerdat - Clearly you didn't read my original post. 

cliniers Initiate
It happened to me also, but I tried with another compatible power supply and it worked. Have you tried it?
Guru jguerdat Guru

@angycustomer wrote:

@jguerdat - Clearly you didn't read my original post. 


Actually I did but that was 3 days before I responded. If you spent as much time on the forums here reading every new post that pops up, you wouldn't go back through the threads either. I read hundreds of posts every day and clearly can't go back to reread every thread.