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Bad battery and charger

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Sims3102 Aspirant

Only 6 months and one camera is saying I need a new battery.? Does that seem right? Another camera is saying cord not compatible even though the cord is the one that came with the product. Anyone else have this problem?

Model: VMB3000|Arlo Smart Home Security
Master steve_t Master

6 months is still under warranty. You should be able to get sorted under that.

Can you please post a screenshot of the message saying you need a new battery?

Sims3102 Aspirant
Here’s a pick about the battery and you can see the icon for the charger not working on other battery.
Guru jguerdat Guru

The picture shows a message about needing to CHARGE a battery, not replace it. Also, the charge icons show the proper ones - what makes you think the chargers aren't working? The top one shows that it's plugged in as if there's no battery installed which is what a Q camera will show (haven't tried just power with no battery on a Pro camera so I'm not sure what would be displayed).