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Auto-Disarm & Re-Arm : How?

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maidire Aspirant
Hi All,

Wondering if you can help...

To save on battery life and also reduce false motion triggers I’m looking for a way to temporarily disarm my back garden cameras ( but not other cameras around the property) whenever someone goes out the back door to the garden.

Of course currently we have to do this in the Arlo app either disabling the cameras or changing the mode or using Alexa voice command but I would like to automate this further.

My current thoughts are maybe some kind of SmartThings sensor on the back door or a button one could push on exit, there are two problems I can think of with these ideas however; 1) how will the system re-Arm when back inside the house? 2) how can these smart sensors trigger Custom Modes in Arlo.

My understanding is the Geofencing functionality is not precise enough to cover parts of the house.

Any ideas / advice would be great!

Guru jguerdat Guru

Without resorting to voice commands through an external device, the only way to do this would be to use the app/browser and select the Disarmed mode. You could selectively turn off cameras in Settings, My Devices, your cameras but that would be many more steps.

maidire Aspirant
Thanks for the reply...

Is it not possible to use IFTTT in some way?

Also, if using Voice commands, is it possible to trigger a Custom mode? (Rather than the standard Armed / Disarmed modes)?
Guru jguerdat Guru

WAY out of my league. Someone else will have to answer that.