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Arol Pro Base Station wont follow schedule

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Have had Arlo Pro base station for about 10 months.  Model VMB4000r3   THings have worked fine, until the base station stopped following the schedule.  If I select another mode, then try to click on schedule again it goes back to the other mode.  The only way I can really get the cameras to work is to arm everything.  I have made zero changes to my schedules or modes.  I've tried resetting everything, deleted all schedules, modes, and recreated them all.  Reset camers, confirmed all have correct firmware.  Base station firmware is up to date.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Guru Guru

Are you saying you power cycled the base but that didn't help? If so, the fastest, but a PITA, thing to do is to remove all devices from Settings, My Devices and start fresh. Be sure to write down your settings, modes and rules and schedule. Use the Add Device button on the Devices tab to add the base and then sync the cameras. Re-enter your settings, modes and rules, and schedule. That helps clear out any weirdness that may have crept in and screwed things up.