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Armed Mode Problems

I have a custom mode set using trigger cameras basically all 3 come on ( set to record till activity stops) usually its about 15-20 seconds and it works very good now the problem is when I add a 4th camera in that loop I will have one camera record for almost 5 min if I remove that 4th camera all the others go back to normal, cameras are about 15-20 away from each other.

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Armed Mode Problems

You may have found a limit in the software. What happens if you use timed recordings?

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Armed Mode Problems

Didn't try timed recordings, I removed the mode tried a new one no luck rebooted base no luck brought base back as everything new no luck its only when adding a 4th camera to the trigger loop that everything goes hay wire.


I have a second base with 2 cameras in a trigger loop and 2 record individually then I try adding 2 cameras to the loop I got the same problem one camera recorded for 5 minutes removed the 2 I added and it went back to normal.


I did notice that when I had the problem the base went off line and then rebooted and as soon as I removed the 4th camera in the trigger loop the base stopped rebooting and going off line. So I guess only 3 cameras can be in a trigger loop? My internet speeds are 100 up and 100 down. 

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