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jjpumphrey Follower
Hello, trying to help a friend with their Arlo Pro system. The Arlo base is on the same WiFi channel as the home router. I changed the home router channel to another open channel and after checking the system a couple of hours later the Arlo base unit changed its channel to match the home router. Is there a reason it is doing this? Can I lock in a channel on the base unit? The base unit is plugged into the home router via wired connection. I am seeing this via a WiFi survey app.
Thanks for any help anyone can offer
JoeCymru Virtuoso

The base will follow the 2.4GHz router signal. It is designed this way. This is to keep it from overlapping the router channel which will result in much worse performance than having the exact same channel. Overlap is a signal killer while the exact same channel does not cause much interference.

Regardless if you select auto channel or fixed channel for 2.4GHz on your router, the Arlo base will follow it.