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Since a few days geofencing doesn’t work, the mobile hasn’t change, something to do with the iOS update???

Had tried Geofencing a few months ago and absolutely hated it because it really does not work.


Tried it just now on the suggestion of a senior member here.  Geofencing is a joke.


Question:  I do not want to GeoFence.  I just want simple arm, disarm, view cameras if and when I want it at my discretion.  Why should I have to try Geofencing or some other "solution"  to work around Arlo's obviously major major security and functionality flaw?


Another question: If you live in a multi storey apartment building and you armed the thing, and you are visting your next door neighbor a few rooms down the hall on the same floor.  Would it still work?   IT DOESN'T.  I have tried it in that situation too.  It gets confused and haphazardly arms and disarms


There is something much more serious that Arlo/Netgear is hiding while they continue to sell thousands upon thousands of new units which range anywhere from $200 to $700 and, if you subscribe to their worthless alert service, it adds more recurring costs to the equation.


Everyone, document everything and keep extensive notes. 




And it will never work seamlessly.


It is yet another patchwork to throw thousands of users in confusion.   This Geofencing thing is yet another "workaround" suggested by them to confuse and mislead users about the REAL SECURITY ISSUES that they are facing.


Document everything thoroughly. Keep notes.  Document document docuement.  Take and save screenshots or they will lie to you and try to continue confusing you.


Enough folks need to start documenting stuff.

Arlo Employee Retired

If you're having problems with your Geofencing not working properly, try looking at this article for troubleshooting steps you can take to improve performance for Geofencing: Why isn't the Geofencing mode working?


If you're still having problems, contact the Support Team to further investigate this issue. You will find several options for contacting support in the provided link.


Thank you Jill for the response.  I had the exact same issue and I read the article and tried everything suggested on it. No Dice. 

Here is what I did on my Samsung phone.  It is a brand new phone with the latest Android operating system and the Arlo app is regularly updated.

  • Location  = ON
  • Location  = ON
  • Battery saver = OFF
  • Data limit = OFF
  • Airplane mode = OFF
  • Allow location access - ALWAYS ON
  • I do not have any task killing apps
  • I have not granted access rights to anyone. I am the sole user.

Did I miss anything? 


When I call the support team  (which I have several times), this is how it usually goes:


A very polite and courteous person gets on the line and assures me "we know how important your security is to you, do not worry, we will get this handled for you"

I spend upwards of an hour on the phone repeating my operating system information, what I have turned on and off, etc etc etc

I am asked to unintall, reinstall,  even reset the phone to factory settings, then reinstall app,  reinstall cameras, take batteries out, reset base, etc etc etc.

Nothing works


Then suddenly it decides to work for a few days.  Then it is back to square one.


Did I miss anything?