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Arlo Pro - night vision - rules to record 90s after motion not working

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We have the Arlo Pro cams set to record on motion detection, then in the Mode "Armed" rule - record for 90s. They all do this during the day just fine. Night time though, they only record while motion is detected or some random lenght of time, not consistent. Why and how do you fix this to record for the 90s?

Also, Is there a set time in between detecting motion to record then starting again for the next motion detection? (example: you have motion for 5 minutes - shouldn't the camera record for the 90s, then start again 3 more times since you still have motion?)

Guru jguerdat Guru

You may need to increase the sensitivity to detect motion at night. That may mean you need to create a custom mode so the Armed mode has one setting for the day and the custom mode has a different setting for night. Then use the schedule to automate switching between them. However, that won't fix random recording lengths which should be the same. It's possible that nighttime has additional interference in the 2.4GHz band, perhaps from neighbors, or that your upload speed is being swamped by other usage in your house (streaming, etc.). What's your upload speed as reported by


There is a brief reset period which is typically 5-10 seconds but again a slow upload speed may be an issue. Also, the motion has to be detectable by the camera, with the same 25 foot max distance for people needing to be observed. If the subject moves away from the camera, it can't be detected even though still moving.