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Arlo Pro is offline

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cepling Follower

OK everyone...... Here is the situation.

I was given 2 Arlo Pro cameras as a gift, they were only 6 months old. I already have an arlo pro (2 camera system) set up, and these 2 cameras were just going to be additions. The cameras were in good working order. I synced them both with my system, and one is working GREAT! The other, not so much. I have tried to take out battery, re sync it, but nothing seems to work. I have placed this cmaera in diffent locations but it still will say "Offline" no matter what.

Any ideas?

Model: VMS3130|Arlo Smart Home
Guru jguerdat Guru

Did you try removing the camera from Settings, My Devices and resync it? It's not clear that you did this. Is the firmware the latest (same as the others)? If all seems right, you may need to open a case with support here but the warranty will be based on the original purchase. At the very least you'd need the original receipt but you may also need to either impersonate the original purchaser or have that person available.