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Arlo Pro is offline. Possible to take out camera with some kind of device?

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TobbeTobbe Aspirant

Hello. A friend of mine has two Arlo PRO cameras. The other night they had a burglery and we they checked the cameras it says ”Camera is offline”. The thiefs have used the power in the house to open different lockers so it seems like the power has been untouched. Is it possible to take out the cameras with some kind of device? Does anyone have experience from this??

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Guru jguerdat Guru

Since the cameras use WiFi, it's always possible that a thief could use a jammer. However, that would typically be unlikely since most burglars are low-tech. 


Sometimes "offline" is just a display issue while at other times the system has an issue. What are the LEDs on the base showing? Are videos being recorded? Is it possible that the perps simply avoided being detected by the cameras due to how they entered the property? Are there any USB drives on the base that can be checked to see if the Internet connection was interrupted but still recorded locally?

TobbeTobbe Aspirant

On tuesday the cameras showed 47%. On wednesday it recorded a spider. That is the last time it recorded. My friend was very busy and did not pay any attention that it did not record anything thursday or friday.

The Leds on the basestation were having light, showing that it was connected to internet.

The burglery was done between late evening friday and saturday morning.

Something sucked out all the power of the battery.

No USB or SD-card.

All the electric clocks works as usual.

I think it is possible that they have used a jammer and it seems impossible to protect yourself against that?

Guru jguerdat Guru

If someone is determined enough, no system is fool-proof. While a jammer may be unlikely, that chance isn't zero. Are you sure the battery is dead? Are any cameras working?