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Arlo Pro day vs night brightness issue

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Hoody17 Follower

Good afternoon,


So I just got the Arlo pro cameras and so far they seem pretty good except for some brightness issues.


Seems there is basically 5 brightness settings.. The brightness dot all the way to left I will call 1 and all the way to right 5.


I have 3 cameras and all do the same. At night I would have the setting set to 4 and I could see good enough, 5 to bright and 3 not enough.

During the day you can still see but it is to bright in most area with it being on 4 and 3 is alot better.


Is there anyway to get the setting where it is both good for day and night.  I don't want to worry about remembering to constantly change.


Below are some pictures with the how the cameras are set.


Thanks for any help or suggestions.

higher bright night.pngset to 4 nightlower bright night.pngset to 3 nighthigher bright day.pngset to 4 daymedium bright day.pngset to 3 dayday pool better.pngset to 3 dayday pool high.pngset to 4 day

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Master steve_t Master

I find 3 is the best. I think the problem for you is the position of the camera in relation to the wall. The right 1/3 of the image is lit up bright white and thus the rest of it is relatively dark. I'm sure moving your camera will give you a much better result at 3

ryanking Guide
I was getting ready to suggest this as well. Schedule different settings day vs night.

Small upgrades like this would make the product much better.
Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
chrisngrod Apprentice

I was looking for the same type of time based brightness setting like you.


1st night of usage...  Fast forward to morning and the images were blown out naturally.