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Arlo Pro cannot adjust brightness

The video from camera was dark , so I pulled the “ brightness bar” to up in order to get it brighter . But it was still the same ( dark) when I saw the new video on new motion . 

Then I found the problem :- the brightness bar was still on the same low position , did not adject to the upper level that I had make.


Any suggestion please 🙂



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Re: Arlo Pro cannot adjust brightness

Not sure why it didn't stick. Perhaps try live streaming. Adjust the brightness slider. Wait for the change to occur and confirm that's the level you want. Click the pause button. Then click live stream again and see if the brightness change stuck. Then go activate the camera with motion and see if it's running how you want. Have you got Night Vision turned on so the IR illuminators light the scene in the dark?

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Re: Arlo Pro cannot adjust brightness

When you change the brightness during a liveview session, you have to save the setting - it's not saved automatically. It depends on whether you're using the app or a browser as to how to save but it's right there while adjusting the brightness.

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Re: Arlo Pro cannot adjust brightness

My wife inadvertently lowered brightness from her phone and it saved that setting, but no matter how hard we tried we could not re-adjust to normal brightness from either of our phones and have it adjust or save.  I was able to adjust the brightness from the web on my PC and it saved.  Seems some issue with the ios App.

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