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Arlo Pro base station went offline, had to reset base to reconnect

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A netgear server update was carried out at midnight 23:59 26th April 2018, Which caused my arlo pro base station to be offline, even with internet connected. After speaking with online chat , I had to remove all my cameras from outside and re-synch to base station after doing a full reset tothe base station. Also set up my geo fencing again.
Please Netgear let us know in future , sorhat we can be pre warned of any potential issues that may occur if youdo a server update.
What if I had been away on holiday for 2 weeks and had no camera surveillance at my property.........

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station

Netgear sent out an email about a scheduled maintenance to all it's customers (at least those with a valid email address that was used to sign up with Arlo).


Only thing is...... the maintenance doesn't start until 11pm PDT tonight April 27th, which for me is 2am EST on April 28th. Whatever happened to your base going offline wasn't due to the maintenance because it didn't happen yet. I know of no other "server update" that happened. If Arlo support told you there was a "server" update, my guess is they have no idea what they are talking about and just said that to get you to reset the base.


Here is the email I got.....


As part of our continued commitment to improving your Arlo experience, we will be conducting a scheduled maintenance on Friday, April 27 between the hours of 11pm – 1am PDT.

During a short 5-minute period, your cameras will appear offline but will continue to record videos to your library. Also during this time, you will not be able to:

  • See your camera’s live stream
  • Register new devices
  • Use Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit integrations

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding as we work to make the Arlo experience even better.

- The Arlo Team


Apparently a server update was carried out at 4pm pdt ,
Here is part of the chat transcript:-
52m 49s ) Jim Mellor: Ok, all working. Not happy that I have to do all this work, why did it crash like that ? I hope this doesn’t happen often , I have paid a lot of money for this system 😡
( 54m 39s ) Penny C: I understand, sorry about that, it could be the base looses connection to the server. Have you had any changes with your networking device?
( 55m 20s ) Jim Mellor: No, no changes, I checked the log on my router for any auto updates but nothing
( 56m 31s ) Penny C: I see, when was the problem started again?
( 56m 43s ) Jim Mellor: Is it a problem at the arlo netgear server possibly ?
( 58m 11s ) Jim Mellor: The problem occurred earlier today I could not say at what time , before 11am (UK time) I think
( 59m 4s ) Penny C: I just checked with the team, and we had a server update earlier.
( 59m 19s ) Penny C: Let me check the time of the update.
( 59m 23s ) Penny C: Hold on.
( 1h 2m 33s ) Penny C: Thanks for waiting..
( 1h 3m 10s ) Penny C: I just checked, the server update was at 4:pm PDT.
( 1h 4m 38s ) Jim Mellor: Approx midnight uk
( 1h 4m 57s ) Jim Mellor: I think this was why then
( 1h 6m 12s ) Penny C: I apologize for the inconvenience that you had but thanks for your cooperation.
( 1h 7m 48s ) Jim Mellor: Ok, it would have been good if arlo customers had been forewarned of any potential issues. Also if I had been away on holiday etc and had no camera surveillance at my property whilst away ......
( 1h 8m 35s ) Penny C: We appreciate your feedback, Jim.
( 1h 9m 54s ) Jim Mellor: Would you please please raise this issue with your superiors so that it does not happen again ?
( 1h 10m 18s ) Penny C: Yes, Jim I will do that.
( 1h 10m 35s ) Jim Mellor: Thanks for your help Penny
( 1h 10m 51s ) Penny C: Again, we appreciate all your opinions and comments.
( 1h 11m 0s ) Penny C: You're welcome, Jim.
( 1h 11m 18s ) Penny C: Hope you still have a good day!
( 1h 11m 23s ) Penny C: Take care and bye for now.
( 1h 11m 29s ) Jim Mellor: Ok thanks, bye


Interesting....... but it makes no sense to me for Arlo to send out a system maintenance notification email, but not send out an email for a server update that has the potential for an outage just like maintenance would. And.... I'm an computer engineer working for a international company, and we would never do a server update in the middle of the day (4pm pdt). No competent IT dept would do that. Updates, maintenance are always scheduled on "off hours". Unless maybe the server update was only for UK servers which would be "off hours" for you, that would make sense.


From reading thru these forums I find it hard to believe anything Arlo level 1 support says. Many times they are just making stuff up, guessing, and reading off of a script.


If there was an update (for maybe UK or Europe only), I agree, it would have been nice for them to send an email the same way they sent me the maintenance email.