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Arlo Pro & external battery pack charger

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Has anyone tried hooking up an external battery pack charger like:


15,000 mha and a solar pannel to top that up some should keep the on board batteries.  These things are designed to power cell phones so 1 or 2 amps at 5v, so it should be what the micro usb on the Arlo pro wants to be powered from?  At the very least it would keep you from having to take down the camera and charge or replace the internal battery. Would just have to charge the external pack every now and then when the camera drained it.


-I know they are coming out with their own solar pannel, but they haven't yet and these battery packs are cheap

-I know the internal battery lasts for a long time but high traffic areas drain it quicker

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I have run the Q from a silmilar type battery unit ...and it worked fine.


As to the PRO, IIRR, the adapter puts out 1.5a so you woyuld prob have to use the 2a side of usb.


No reason why it would not RUN the Pro,  BUT it will not charge it ( as the pro requise a 9v source to charge the battery pack )


So go for it... and  do a write up with pics as to how it works to let us all know !

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