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Arlo Pro always times out.

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DiggityDave23 Follower
Hello. I currently use the 2 camera arlo pro security system. My question is how long can it remain on my computer screen before timing out? I currently will have live video running off the webpage and after about 10 mins of running it live, it will pop up with a message saying “request timed out” I was hoping there was a way to have it run without timing out for longer periods of time without having to press play on the camera I’m watching. Camera is about 10 feet from the base, router is less than 2 ft from base. So signal should be great. Also camera all should full signal bars and no issues starting the videos. Thanks in advance.
Guru jguerdat Guru

The system is set up to preserve battery life so will automatically time out. However, live viewing should last ~30 minutes. Perhaps something is causing a connection dropout, leading to shorter times?