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Arlo Pro System Going Blind

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We bought our Arlo Pro system just over a year ago. I have been really happy with how it performs and even recommended a friend buy it. Everything working well until the past couple of months ago when it has just randomly stopped sensing motion and recording leaving blank days with no motion sensed or recording.


The first time was when we went on vacation for 5 days. One day in it stopped alerts and recording leaving us exposed as we could not go back to reset it. I could get it to manually record but it wouldn't sense motion record by itself. I tried everything from where I was to get it going but re-setting and setting up a new mode seemed to get it back to normal once I got back.


A couple of days ago I realise I hadn't had any alerts and it had gone blind again, this time for 3 days, no motion alerts or recording. I had to switch modes and reset and it is working again but no idea when it will go blind again.


It seems the alro firmware update a few months ago has caused this as I have read other users experiencing the same problem on here. A security camera that can leave you with no security at random is not performing as promised so I implore you arlo to fix this ASAP.


Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Are you using the default "Armed" mode or a custom mode? Do you notice a difference in behavior between the two?