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Arlo Pro Skins

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Hi all

Is it just me, or do the night vision views look worse when the skins are on the Arlo Pro. I read once about reflection off the lip or something, as mine do have a ‘white mist’ effect on the ones where the skin is fitted. Any one else had his or thoughts?
Guru Guru

it is possible the IR if reflecting off the bit of shell in front washing out picture... easy test is to remove it and recheck night vision

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Thanks, I did that with the camera I can reach and the picture is way better and not washed out at all.

The downside of taking them off is getting to the hard to reach ones, I also think it draws more attention to the cameras being bright white, this wouldn’t be a problem as is a deterrent, but isn’t when there’s no means of securing the units that just a mangentic pull off from the wall mount.

I didn wonder is reflecting of the lip, also thought it could be reflecting off wind dust on it, as the IR tends to lighten things it reflects off.

Surely it’s not another design flaw by Arlo that it would reflect off it and the material used should accommodate that fact. I bought the expensive Netgear versions thinking that the material used and quality would be such that they were fit for purpose.

I will add them to the list of not thought out ideas from arlo, and resign it next to the Babycam which is an utter disappointment, filled with bugs from poor design prior to launch.

I wish they would launch things when they are only fit for purpose or not bother