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Arlo Pro Reliability

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I've had the Arlo Pro system w/4 cameras for about 2 months. Sure it has a few caveats but it's worked quite well. But in the last couple of days I've had all types of issues.


Battery Life: One of the more popular cameras (~2 events per day) ran out of battery. Went from ~47% to 0% overnight (rainy, 40F degrees). Charged to 100% (98%) and overnight went to 0% again. Charging again now...


Offline: Around the same time I had one camera go "offline". I removed and then did multiple sync attempts which looked succesful (correct blinking pattern) but never showed up. Finally rebooted the base station and it suddenly showed up! But... in the reboot, another camera went offline. Waited a few minutes and rebooted again. Then all cameras "offline". Waited a few more minutes and reboot - all cameras came back.


So at the moment I've got everything working again but makes me nervous about the system reliability. (I leave this property for a month or two at a time and need good uptime).


Have others had concerns about the system reliability? Is it just getting past the quirks and waiting for maturity of the software/firmware (i.e. updates)? or are some of you giving up on the system?

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Well you ran it for a couple months and it was good... sometimes things happen.


Keep an eye on the camera ( btw, it may be just the battery pack trouble, not the camera ) and remember, you have a year warranty.


If the problem continues, swap the battery with another unit ( to see if it is the battery or camera ), then contact Netgear if it is.

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