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Arlo Pro Recording to WD Cloud HD

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emailcrystalc Follower

Hi there,

I have a Netgear WD Cloud HD and I connected to Arlo Pro via USB.  I configured Arlo to record locally however, it doesn't appear to be doing so.  Is this hard drive not supported?  Do I have to format it or something to get it working?   Thanks!

Guru StephenB Guru

This should be in the Arlo forum - I am moving it there.

Guru jguerdat Guru
When you use Settings, My Devices, your Pro base, Local Storage, do you see your drive? If so, click on it and see what it says in there. If needed, format it in there. Be aware that you'll lose everything on the drive.

Give us details of what you see there if still no good. BTW, you may want to consider a thumb drive instead. That way the drive doesn't need power, making it easier to disconnect to view any videos. I had a USB hard drive connected initially and have switched to a thumb drive.
manofice Virtuoso
Try rebooting the base after you connect the HDD, that's what I had to do.