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Arlo Pro End Experience With Security Camera Jammers?

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effinrockin Aspirant

What are record results due to jammers? Neighbors breaking into my home weekly. Purchased Arlos, which lasted a few weeks before neighbors purchased jammers. Noticed same video audio clip playing repetitively when jammers in use. Didn't know if that was normal or if there's technology to insert video/audio. Working on civil case and have evidence of neighbors trespassing prior to jamming and being property disturbed.

brh Master


Several people have reported that their systems are being jammed by malicious neighbors. To augment your case, you may need to purchase some wired ip cameras that record to a DVR. I don't believe they can be easily jammed as they don't use the internet to be able to record. 



Guru jguerdat Guru

By the same token, there's no hard proof that jamming is being used. It's certainly possible but nothing definitive has ever been offered as proof.

pc2k17 Hero

1) Install an alarm system that is monitored by an outside company (Simplisafe or ADT are good choices)


2) Buy a gun, learn how to handle it safely, and learn how to shoot it.


(if you don't like guns, get a big dog)


Point is, just cameras aren't going to stop these people. An alarm system and personal protection will fill out some of the gaps in your homes security.

effinrockin Aspirant

Asked question before but not answered. Not asking 'what to do' or 'what I should do,' but 'how?'


My neighbor's are professional criminals. 


Unless an Arlo feature, what system or technology inserts audio or replays same video clip with different time stamp? When Arlo detects motion and jammed, same video snippet plays over-and-over as if accessing older memory rather than making new ones or video freezes and/or is garbled. Can have same exact video of my neighbor riding 4-wheeler by camera over course of several hours many times...exact same video. These problems only occurs when neighbors drive by or park near cameras. They have successfully worked around Arlos to break into my home countless times. Police and FCC no help. When I'm home or the police check on my place, Arlos catch every action from every angle. Otherwise, cameras not dependable.


What equipment or technology capable of this and is there a way to legally detect jamming signals? Want to be complaint with US FCC regulations. Neighbors have inserted same audio clip that was heard on cameras real-time and recorded by Arlos (In Library) during jamming.


Will probably return cameras since they are not secure, but curious if there's a way to diagnose.

effinrockin Aspirant

Have multiple cameras on separate base stations, and cameras only jam when neighbors drive by on 4wheeler or truck. 4wheeler has to be within 30 feet to jam, but truck seems stonger and totally kills camera signal. Cameras work fine when it's someone or something else, such as my family, police, me, birds, squirrels, deer, dogs, bunnies, cats, beaver, bugs, etc. Can tell when neighbors come home; cameras stop working in patterns based on proximity of vehicle.

Will try setting up server to run wireshark to troubleshoot traffic and see if pattern.

Pretty certain I Don't want to live next to these people.