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Hi all,


I would like to know if it's possible to / it's going to be possible to create a new custom "Schedule" mode.


The reason I ask is because I have a case I think it can't be addressed with the current combination of modes / schedule.


I have my cameras configured to behave this way:


- If I'm at home, they are DISARMED.

- If I'm at home, and, it's late at night (already going to bed), they are ARMED (with a "Night" config)

- If I'm away home, they are always ARMED (with a "Day" Config)


I've accomplished that behavior by doing this:


- Create a custom MODE for the "Night". (The motion sensitivity is set to a certain level -> more sensible than during the day)

- Configure the default "Armed" MODE for using during the day while I'm away.

- I use "Geofencing" mode all the time, so that, when I'm away I use the "Armed" mode and when I'm at home I use the "Schedule" mode with a configuration to activate "Night" mode only during the night.


Now here is my problem:


- My housekeeper comes to my place 2 times a week during a certain timeframe. I would like to "DISARM" the cameras during that timeframe.


I know that I can switch the MODE manually everytime but it would be nice to handle this by using the Schedule mode which would do this automatically for me!


The only solution I found is to do something like this:


- Create a new "custom Schedule mode" so that it's activated "all the time" except for the timeframe I know the housekeeper is at home.

- In the "Geofencing" mode configure that new custom schedule mode to activate automatically when I'm away!


If I'm correct the only way to accomplish what I need is to create a new "Schedule" mode. But, unfortunately, it seems that "Schedule" mode is "fixed" (only ONE, and no chance to create new ones)


Do you think we could have this feature implemented anytime soon?

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Sounds like what you want will take 2 schedules in unison with geofencing. Pop this idea into the Ideas Exchange section and hopefully someone from Netgear will look at implementing it. 

My only other thought is it may be possible to do with WebCoRE if you're a Smartthings user BUT it would likely change your interface and where your videos are stored