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Arlo Pro Camera won't sync

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My second, and newer, camera had seemingly disconnected from my base station a couple weeks ago. I brought it inside and tried to re-sync, but it wouldn't work. I swapped around the battery, reset the camera, reset the base station. I still can't get it to re-connect. The camera blinks blue slowly for about two minutes, then blinks amber rapidly. I tried different distances while syncing, between the camera and base station, and also moved it away from my wifi router, but still no luck. My other camera was able to re-sync without any issue after a complete reset. Yet the issues with the newer camera still persist..

I also only recently observed while trying to fix this issue that the newer camera gets really warm when a battery is in it. Despite the fact that it won't sync, the white areas on each side where the Arlo logo is feel unusually warm to the touch, something I have not noticed before when handling either camera.

Any additional advice or tips?

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Master Master

When I've had this issue, it's been due to interference. I've moved the base station a few feet further away from the wifi router and it's sorted it. Other times people have had this issue, they've restarted their router (and presumably autmatically changed the wifi channel their 2.4GHz network runs on) and the cameras have been able to sync. Give one or both of these a try. The camera will get hot and drain the battery as it expends all its energy trying to find the base station

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera