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Arlo Pro Camera Recordings time changed by itself?

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Wayne-UK Follower

Good day

At sometime in the not too distant past my cameras have stopped recording as per the settings?

All four cameras are set to record for a full 120s on motion detection and have done so quite fine for months.

At some stage fairly recently they have stopped doing so and will record for strange lengths of time, even if motion does continue in the area?

Can anyone assist me with this issue please?  I have done the remove and reinstall of each of the cameras, thay are all set to update automatically, which might lead me to believe that there may have been an update recently that caused this issue?

As you can see in the attached video, the camera only recorded for 16s instead of the full 120s as set in the settings, even though there is still plenty of movement???

Any idea's or assistance would be greatly appreciated as I need my cameras to record for a full 2 minutes on detection of motion as they did in the past.

Thank you in advance


Model: VMC3030|Arlo Smart Home Security - Add-on Camera
Guru jguerdat Guru

Reboot the base. If still an issue, create a new cusatom mode with the same settings to see if it's a corrupted mode. If still no good, I would remove all devices from Settings, My Devices are start fresh.