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Arlo Pro Black Friday Deal?

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newuser1218 Aspirant

I bought the Arlo Pro for Christmas gifts at Costco thinking I was getting the latest and greatest.  Had them installed for 3 weeks and now Arlo comes out with the new 4k Ultra making my expensive purchase completely obsolete.  To add insult to injury the system is not even backward compatible?  I spent a lot of money for these systems and paid top dollar for more add-on cameras.  I feel like I have been taken advantage of by Arlo and its retailers.  Anyone else fall into the same trap that I did?  

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Guru TomMac Guru

To be fair, the Ultras were announced back in Oct/Nov of '18


For cost vs value, the Pros are pretty good either way

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newuser1218 Aspirant

To be really fair, the average consumer like myself is buying what is in the store at Christmas time.  I don't give IOUs for Christmas gifts.  Now it looks like my gifts were just hand-me-downs and inventory clearance rather than fresh products with up-to-date technology.  The timing was poor.  Arlo couldnt have pushed these 4k Ultras out 1 month ahead in time for the biggest shopping days of the year(Christmas) !?  I believe this was a poor marketing decision by the company, and they should hear about it.