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Arlo Pro Best Battery Life/Best Quality No Longer Correct

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Jonny22 Guide

The recent firmware update (using android) has caused my videos to drop drastically in quality.

When I check the quality settings in the camera it had "best battery life" set (which I never use). Switched it back to "best quality" but the video quality is still VERY poor.

At night, the best video quality setting is poor/pixelated but the "best battery left" setting gives much better quality video.

It's as if the best battery life and best quality settings are mixed up.

Anyone else got a similar issue?

Model: VMB3000|Arlo Smart Home Security
Guru jguerdat Guru

Use only the app to set the quality - the browser seems to change settings inappropriately.

silverado44 Luminary

I noticed the same thing and was going to start a thread on this, I too updated the app and my cameras went to best battery life I then switched them back to best video where I always ran them and the quaity is very poor and not near as sharp as they use to be.

Jonny22 Guide

@silverado44 glad I'm not the only one! Tried removing battery from camera today to reboot it but still rubbish quality video.

Not sure if this is something that can be fixed our end / via the app but at the moment my videos are horrific quality (like 240p quality).

Jonny22 Guide

@silverado44fixed it. Set the quality via the website (not the app) to "best quality".

This will improve the video quality.

Your app will then say best battery life but ignore it (it will record in "best video quality" mode).

Hope this helps

Jonny22 Guide

P.s. another example of Arlo rushing things (trying to get the app update out for CES without testing it properly).

If I'm behing honest, I wish I'd purchased another system. Arlo just keep ******* up my cameras and ignoring any suggestions (still can't rotate a camera 90 degrees).

silverado44 Luminary

Yes your right to get best video you have to have the website set the best video and on the app it needs to be set to best battery life to get the best video on your phone. Once AGAIN Arlo screwed up the app update and created another bug. And my other question is if you change the video setting on the app why doesnt it follow it to the website setting? Like I said a long time ago, they fix one bug and create more bugs.

They release and new update and all it says is "bug fixes" WHAT BUG WAS FIXED?