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Re: Arlo Pro Battery $110?

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mattperron Aspirant

So you are telling me I need to spend another $110 ($50 battery and $60 charging station) just to have an extra battery available for my new Arlo Pro camera so I can keep it powered???  What was wrong with letting me put replaceable batteries in it?  Was it that the cost of those batteries was going to someone else?  Had I known that Netgear was going to start nickle and diming it's customers I'd have started looking for an alternative solution.  Buyer beware - in order for you to keep your new Arlo Pro battery powered when the initial battery is drained, you'll need to spend another $110 just to swap out the battery with a freshly charged battery.  I could have spent much less than that buying replaceable batteries for years to come.  The lithium CR123 batteries would have cost me about $85 for 3 years assuming I'm replacing them every 3 months, which is generous.  Unhappy customer.

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migman_2001 Luminary
While I guess in some situations it's convenient to just put in a fresh battery, the system was initially designed to plug in the charging cord into the camera to charge the battery. Takes about 2 hours.

Regarding price, I dont know what they retail for. Shop around.
mattperron Aspirant
Designing a wireless camera to plug into a charging cord is a farce. They knew exactly what they were doing when designing the camera that way - figuring out how to pull more money out of the consumers wallet in an obscure way. Yea, shop around and save $5 on Amazon, that will make it all better. $110 is the retail price on the Arlo/Netgear website. Buyer beware what you are getting into when buying the Arlo Pro "Wireless" camera. More $$ required in order to actually keep it "wireless."
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Guru jguerdat Guru

Oh, no!  I have to buy gas and tires and batteries for my car, too!  If only they had told me that I'd need extra cost items for this expensive purchase, I'd have bought a horse instead.  


Wait - don't they need oats and hay and stuff, too?

mattperron Aspirant
Thank you for trying to minimalize my comment, which in turn is reinforcing my point. My original post was done out of frustration but for the intent of making others aware. Yes, when you buy a car, it is common knowledge that you'll have to buy gas for the car and eventually tires. It is not common knowledge that the new Arlo Pro camera requires another purchase to keep it running without a two hour interruption. I'm blending the Arlo and Arlo Pro cameras together on my house and my previous experience with the Arlo (HD I think they're referred to as) camera was easier and less expensive to setup and maintain. Buyer beware if blending or going from an Arlo to Arlo Pro, there will be additional fees for battery and charger (a significant amount in my opinion as compared to Arlo HD) that is not promoted by Netgear or easily understood. I did research prior to buying and couldn't find anything definitive outlining my point (awareness and increased cost for battery and charging station for Arlo Pro as compared to Arlo HD).
Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Techlore Apprentice

I know you are trying to avoid spending money, but have you looked into a solar panel or adapter/wire?